Curiosty is where it’s at

For someone who coaches people on improving their health you may notice that my blogs contain very little specific nutrition advice. I have issues with telling people what to eat, kinda like telling people “where to go,” it never feels quite right to me. No matter how much nutrition information I digest, the bottom line is I don’t know what you should be eating. At least not exactly.IMG_2347

As a culture we are inundated daily with the latest and greatest super foods, diet foods and do not eat foods. There are countless voices trying to sway folks over to a certain way of eating because someone else (maybe even lots of people) have had success with it...

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Breaking free

As the new year is ushered in and I put away the last of the decorations I can’t help but reflect on the past year and ponder the potential for 2014. I like looking back over the past year observing the challenges I’ve faced and noticing my personal growth and the ways I’ve changed as a person. I’ve decided that for me, 2013 will be known as the year I broke free. You see, somewhere in the course of the past year it dawned on me that I had been living a self-imposed sentence to a life without absolute freedom. Now certainly being an American who had never committed a crime I was technically free. However, over the course of my life I had imposed very strict measures for myself and the crazy thing is I didn’t even realize it. I thought I was just being “healthy”!

Breaking free 2
Here’s what ...

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Treat yourself to the gift of feeling

IMG_1246The holidays can be a time when we are especially vulnerable to idealism. Everywhere we look we are bombarded with images of perfection. We search for the perfect tree, the perfect gifts and perhaps the perfect holiday outfit. We desire to maintain our weight while indulging in holiday treats, gather with family members Norman Rockwell style and enjoy the spirit of the season amidst the chaos that our culture seems to thrive on. The paradoxes that we live with daily are magnified this time of year which makes it a splendid opportunity to get back to the business of feeling!

It is very easy in our physical and image based world to completely forget (or perhaps never learn) what it’s like to really feel...

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