My best health secret

I’ve been thinking about how I would answer the question, “If you could share just one piece of advice on how to improve your health, what would it be?” There are certainly plenty of things to suggest but only one seems to stand out among all the others. woman in mirrorWhether you desire weight loss, improved digestive health, more energy, fewer mood swings or a stronger immune system the best health advice I have is self- love. We hear about self-love all the time and if I asked you if you loved yourself I’m quite sure most folks would respond, “yeah, of course.” But what does it really mean and how do you practice it?

When you mess up do you find that without even thinking about it you’re proclaiming to yourself and anyone who may have witnessed the mistake, “I can’t believe what an idiot I...

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Filling up on fabulous

Do you have a desire to transform something about yourself? Perhaps upgrade your life in some way? Fantastic! Congratulations! Good for you! Now the question is: “What are you filling up on to fuel that desire?” What fills you up in addition to food? When transformation is desired it must be nourished daily. Without consistent fuel desires eventually die.

Are you digesting a daily diet of reality TV? Do you read magazines with articles like, “How to be skinny & pretty so you can have the perfect life.” Do you follow the lives of celebrities and fantasize if only that were you? Honestly, I enjoy fashion and I’m not advocating shlepping around like you just rolled out of bed by any means but, the truth is that mainstream media is toxic!

If you truly want to implement positive chang...

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What is your body saying about your mind

I see people all around me with physical challenges. Clients, friends, family members and acquaintances who are plagued with nagging symptoms. For some it is extra weight, others back aches or headaches and many with digestive issues, basically the myriad of afflictions can be endless. All are looking for relief and more often than not any success tends to be short-lived. I have experienced this frustration first hand and it can be devastating! All manner of medical testing and professional advice seems to come up short. Testing often reveals no obvious causes or solutions. Medications come with lots of side effects and often don’t address the issue. Diets and dietary changes provide little if any relief...

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